Your Number One Choice for Electric Bike Rentals in Venice, CA

Boneshaker Electric Bikes offers top-of-the-line bike rentals in Venice, CA. We carry the fastest, safest, and highest quality bikes on the beach. From single rider bikes to our two-seater bikes, we have bikes to fit any rider’s needs. We pride ourselves on our elite customer service and welcoming user experience. Unlike competitors who offer a cold sale, we welcome people into our family.

We have regular bikes and electric bikes for tourist activitiesfamily activitiesbeach activities, and more! As a locally owned business, our bicycle knowledge helps riders get the most out of their trip. You can explore your own with our bike rental services and explore all of what the Westside has to offer.

We also offer bikes for sale, so you can browse our shop if you are looking for a high-quality bike. Visit us at Boneshaker Electric Bikes and let our friendly and qualified staff help you make your beach day the best day!

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