Tearing up the city




  • With the Multifunctional Extra Large rear rack, the BIG DOG Ebike has a 400 lbs payload capacity, making it ideal for carrying heavy stuffs or giving your pet a ride.
  • The moped design makes it suitable for daily commuting and gives you a comfortable and safe ride.
  • The BIG DOG ebike is equipped with 20”x 4” fat tires and 750W updated motor, providing enough power to carry your heavy cargo.
  • With Car-level 48V 20A battery tech, the BIG DOG Ebike can reach 60 - 80 miles.
  • The intelligent pedal-assisted system can automatically adjust can automatically adjust power according to different road conditions.



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  • Battery 48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery
  • Range 45+ Miles
  • Hub Motor 750W brushless gear motor
  • Total Payload Capacity 330 lbs
  • Recommended Rider Heights 5'0" ~ 6'0"