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HX X9 Pro Max


KEY FEATURES ✅ Removable 36V or 48V battery: can be charged in or out of the scooter ✅ Max Speed: 20-25mph* ✅ 500W or 550W rear drive motor ✅ Suitable for inclines & heavier riders ✅ Front & Rear Disc Brakes: with front & rear brake levers ✅ Extra Wide Footplate: allowing both feet be facing forward ✅ Wide 10” vacuum tyres: no inner tunes ✅ Foldable Design: easy to transport
✅ Safety features: front & rear lights, front & rear disc brakes ✅ Ready to use: every scooter checked/setup before delivery
With the same high build quality as with the X8 electric scooters, one of the world's largest electric scooter manufacturers HX have now released the HX X9. Aimed at users who are looking for greater range, a higher top speed and improved climbing ability, but with the usual HX design and build quality. As with previous models the X9 also has a removable battery, that can be charged in or out of the scooter. The Horizon HX X9 is available with 4 battery/motor configurations: X9 Plus: 36V, 15.6Ah, 500W X9 Max: 36V, 20.8Ah, 500W X9 Pro Max: 48V, 15.6Ah, 550W The X9, X9 Plus and X9 Max are powered by a 850W, 500W ave. power motor, and the Pro Max is powered by a 1,100W, 550W ave. power motor. With the increase in weight and speed more stopping power is required, so the X9 has been equipped with front and rear disc brakes, front ABS and rear fender (mudguard) foot brake. The HX X9 requires minimum assembly, 6 torx screws to fit the handle bar to the stem. The scooter is supplied with a torx key, however we recommend using a long handled torx key or electric scooter (with suitable tip).
  • Removable Battery 15.6Ah: can be charged in or out of scooter
  • 3 speed modes, with max speed 22mph (35-40km/h)
  • Range: up to 38miles*
  • Cruise Control
  • Wide 10" wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • Quick folding design for easy transportation
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Quadruple braking system with front & rear disc brake and E-ABS front brake
  • On board computer for speed, battery monitor and cruise control
  • LED front & rear lights
  • UK based warranty. No need to ship back to manufacturer
  • UK Stock with UK charger
  • Free Shipping from UK * lowest speed setting, flat road, dry conditions, continuous use. Real world conditions (i.e. stop/start) on fastest speed setting on undulating road typically 50-60% of manufacture's figures.

X8 Scooter


The X8 electric scooter, is essentially the X7 scooter upgraded with a larger battery that offers an extended range in distance. Perfect for getting around town or having fun after work or school, this scooter can reach speeds of 18 MPH with a longer range of approximately 27 mile depending on rider weight, power level, and riding terrain. It is lightweight and foldable, so you can take it away with you on weekends or store it under your desk at work. With a removable battery that can charge in under 6 hours, you will always be ready for your next adventure. 10″ tires gives this scooter a smooth ride even over bumpy pavement or gravel. The X8 is packed with safety features including LED front and rear lights as well as ABS electronic braking.

Blade 10 Electric Scooter

60V Dual motors

Electric Motion Blade 10 is not only a stylish, lightweight scooter, but it's also loaded with awesome features that make it perfect to ride to the office every day or simply have fun around town.

SPX10 Scooter


Specification Power 500W Voltage 48V Certification ce Charging Time 5-6H Foldable yes Range Per Charge 40-60KM Tire 10 inch tubeless